"Feeding the World starts with Griffin Seed"  

Griffin Seed International, LLC  |  3815 SW Culver Hwy, Metolius, OR 97741, USA  |  +1 (541) 546 2801

​​​About Us

Griffin Seed International is a wholesale seed company of high quality vegetable and herb seeds with the ability to package and ship products around the world and offer contract production services. With a foundation of over 30 years of experience in the business, Robert Griffin founded Griffin Seed to provide a wide variety of high quality vegetable and herb seeds to international and local customers.

Griffin Seed is located in the Central Oregon High Desert near the Cascade Mountain Range. The region is ideal for production of specialty seeds, allowing for isolation of new varieties and little risk of cross pollination with undesirable genetics. With a reliable supply of irrigation water and cool summer evenings, Central Oregon has an extensive history of growing a variety of seeds that are shipped worldwide. 

Griffin Seed offers a large variety of vegetable and herb seeds that meet the highest quality standards in the worldwide market and are designated primarily for commercial growers. We have years of experience navigating the various seed export processes for dozens of countries and utilize first class logistics companies to ensure our customers receive their product on schedule.