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Ruby Queen

45-70 days, smooth medium dark red globes, dark red flesh, no zones, medium dull green 25-30 cm tops tinged with maroon, home gardens and processing, holds shape well when crowded, good on poor soils, popular in Northeast USA, fine quality, uniform.

Early Wonder

40-60 days, half flat with round bottom, smooth 7 cm roots, and vivid red flesh. Early Wonder is a great all purpose red beet variety, whether your interest is in the beetroot or in beet greens. It has bright green 40-45 cm tops, good for greens, quick growing, good flavor, for home garden bunching or for shipping. Their beet greens are spicy and abundant and will rival spinach or chard. The root is flavorful and it is produced earlier than most varieties. Early Wonder is a great choice for container gardens.

Detroit Dark Red

45-70 days, deviation from Early Blood turnip, nearly globe blood red 7 cm diameter roots, little zoning, main crop canner for home gardens, all purpose, prolific, solid roots, good keeper, the standard for beets.

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BEETS (Beta vulgaris)