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Danvers 126

105 days, moderate tolerance to Alternaria dauci. This variety has heavy shoulders, and is tapered to a near point, is well stumped, and has smooth skin. Its top has heavy growth reaching between 70 and 80 cm, with a strong attachment. Average size is 18-20 cm by 6 cm. Multi-purpose, vigorous, heavy yielder. It is generally used for processing.

Nantes Scarlet

65-75 days – cylindrical, half-long, 18 x 3 cm, bright orange flesh, fine-grained, early coreless, fine flavor, sweet and brittle, colors up early for baby carrots, for bunching or freezing or storage, excellent for juice.


68-110 days, Chantenay type, deep red orange, tender, sweet tapered roots, 18-20 cm long, excellent juicing carrot, stores well, does best in a mild climate.

Nantes Coreless

68-72 days, bright orange throughout, coreless, fine grained, 15-20 cm by 3-4 cm, taper to a stump end, very small tops, smooth bright orange skin, freezer type, cylindrical, excellent for forcing or for home or market garden, almost coreless.


62-70 days, small 25-30 cm tops, 15-17.5 cm by 2.5-3.5 cm in diameter, bright red-orange, blunt-ended, leave in ground until fall, good keeper, small core, Fibreless, smooth skin, half long variety for forcing or home and early or late market, good fresh or frozen.

Chantenay Royal

60-75 days, standard garden carrot for heavy or shallow soils, cylindrical, stump rooted 12.5-17.5 cm by 6.5-9 cm, sturdy 38-50 cm tops, red orange inside and out, sweet fine grained flesh, dependable heavy yields, bunch, store, home can, freeze or market.

Chantenay Red Core

70-80 days, adaptable to most soils, very productive, 17.5-21 cm by 4-5.5 cm roots, broad shoulders taper to slightly stumped end, deep orange cortex and core without halo, uniform size and shape, large heavy 40-50 cm top, heat resistant, processing type, adaptable to most soils.


55-72 days, long and straight carrots of bright orange flesh and sweet flavor, 10-15 x 2.5 cm, stump-rooted, and very small core. Ideal for use as a hot vegetable accompaniment or grated in salads or served baby-sized with butter. Small roots can be frozen. Hardy annual.

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CARROT (Daucus carota)