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Winter Savory (Satureja montana)

Savory is an aromatic fine herb, which is growing up to 30 cm. It has fresh green tapering leaves and tiny pink flowers. Half evergreen it may endure hard winters. The Winter Savory is common in North Africa and South Europe, and is even naturalized in England. It likes dry hilly sites, but may very willingly have rich soil.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

A popular aromatic herb, that is 25-30 cm tall. Leaves are broad with fairly strong odor and pleasant taste used for seasoning. Ornamental plant, very useful as a dried herb for seasoning. Plants bear small, lavender flowers. Will do well in pockets in rock gardens.

Summer Savory (Satureja hortensis)

65-75 days, 30-45 cm. Tender annual. Introduced from Europe several centuries ago, this flavorful, easy-to-grow herb has a taste similar to that of thyme, though milder. Widely used in salads, soups and bean dishes. Use fresh or dried (avg. 1,400 seeds/gr). Days to germ.: 10-14. Full sun, moderate water.

Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Perennial evergreen shrublet; grows about 60 cm high. Stems are square and hairy, and bear opposite pairs of gray leaves. The sage leaves are textured with network of veins on both sides. At the end of the summer the sage plant forms attractive purplish flowers. All parts of the sage plant have a strong and typical scent.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Peppermint propagates by means of its long, running roots from which are produced smooth, square steams from 30 to 90 cm in height, erect and branching. The leaves are from 2.5 to 5 cm long, about half as wide, pointed, and with sharply toothed margins. The plant is in flower from July to September. The small purplish blossoms are placed in circles around the stem, forming thick, blunt spikes.

Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

Oregano is a hardy perennial that may need winter protection to survive in  colder zones. It may grow 60 cm tall with rounded, sprawling spread of 45 cm. White or pinkish-purple flower spikelets appear in mid to late summer.

Marjoram, Sweet (Majorana hortensis)

This tender perennial usually grows as an annual, has a lovely sweet, balsam-like aroma and a mild oregano flavor. Small gray-green leaves are picked before flowers appear and are used widely as a fresh or dried herb. Plants grow up to 60 cm tall.

Dill, Mammoth Long Island (Anethum graveolens)

75 days, grows a little taller than Bouquet with sparser foliage and is more green (slightly less blue-green) in color. Begins seeding 5 to 8 days earlier and is considered the best variety for pickling.

Dill, Dukat (Anethum graveolens)

70 days, mild, sweet, never bitter or too strong. More foliage that lasts longer than other dills. Annual, warm-season crop plant, after last chance of spring frost. Dukat is similar to Bouquet in size and color but has slightly heavier foliage and begins blooming 5 to 7 days later. Better adapted to warmer growing conditions than other varieties.

Dill, Common (Anethum graveolens)

The plant grows ordinarily from 60 to 75 cm high and it is very like fennel, though smaller, having the same feathery leaves, which stand on sheathing foot-stalks, with linear and pointed leaflets. It is of very upright growth, its steams smooth, shiny and hollow, and in midsummer bearing flat terminal umbels with numerous yellow flowers, whose small petals are rolled inwards. The seeds are very pungent. The whole plant is aromatic.

Dill, Bouquet (Anethum graveolens)

60-70 days, 75-90 cm, hardy annual/reseeding. A compact attractive variety with larger leaves for beautiful bunches, nice aroma. The best for dill collecting seed (avg. 530 seeds/gr.). Days to germinate: 10-14. Full sun/partial shade. Moderate water.

Catnip (Nepeta catarria)

A vigorous growing mint loved by cats. Plants grow up to 90 cm tall. Grayish green leaves have a strong mint-like flavor and might be harvested 75 to 85 days after sowing. Perennial. 

Basil, Italian Large Leaf (Ocimum basilicum)

85 days, annual - one season plant, height 30 to 45 cm. The plant has broad and crinkled oval leaves. The leaves are tender and fragrant. A very popular versatile herb. Basil - Italian Large Leaf is nicely spiced and slow to bolt. It is wonderful for tomato sauces and salads. Flowers can be used. 

Arugula / Roquette Wild (Eruca sativa)

30 days baby, 50 days mature. Arugula has fine leaf shaped like mizuna, mild flavor excellent in heat and humidity. Compared with regular arugula, this species is slower growing, about half the height and with smaller much more deeply lobbed leaves. The taste is more pungent and is becoming the arugula  of choice in many Italian dishes. Produces tiny delicate yellow flowers. First harvest in 50 days.

Arugula / Roquette (Eruca sativa)

15 days baby, 30 days maturity. Slow bolting annual, 20-25 cm tall. Stalks and lobed leaves have mild flavor. Stand in many baby leaf and braising mixes. 

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