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50-85 days, compact med-large heads, crisp hearts, light-green leaves with waxy bronze fringe, TB and heat resistant, good in mid-summer, does well in the East and mountain areas.

Great Lakes 659

80-88 days, most TB resistant and versatile Great Lakes strain, popular for producing solid medium large dark green heads in cool or warm weather, medium core, white seed, slow bolt, does best in warm weather, good on heavy soils, mosaic free.

Great Lakes 118

Approximately 90 days. The plant has a medium large frame with exposed head. It is very coarse. The shape of the head is round to flattened round. It has a large head, and is dark green in color. It is a nice and solid variety. Disease tolerance: Tipburn, Sunburn. It is suitable for fresh market and shipping. This is the original strain of Great Lakes. It is very heat tolerant.

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LETTUCE-HEADING (Lactuca sativa)