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Grand Rapids TBR

42-65 days, large erect bright light green heavily frilled and curled leaves, for greenhouse or field culture, early, holds well, slow bolting, TB disease and rot resistant, for home gardens or greenhouse.

Black Seeded Simpson

60-65 days, the plant is large and upright. The leaves are crumpled, curled, and frilled; very early and adaptable, inner leaves blanch almost white. Coloration is a nice light green. It is suitable for fresh market and home gardens. It is a heat tolerant variety that is very popular, withstands some frost, for spring or early summer, slow bolt.


Approximately 60 days. The shape of the plant is rosette. It has a small size head, has thick smooth leaves, and is dark green in color. This variety is distinctly different. It is a very high quality lettuce that should be harvested before the heads become solid. It is suitable for both fresh market and home garden.

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LETTUCE-LEAF (Lactuca sativa)