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Yellow Canary

88-110 days, vigorous plant, tough bright light yellow skin slightly wrinkled, pear shaped, 18 by 16 cm, 2-3 kg, 5 cm thick pale green flesh, musky aroma, very sweet flavor, CB resistant, triangular cavity keeps well into winter.

Honeydew Green Flesh

Approximately 100 days. This variety has a blunt oval shape, and a smooth exterior. Exterior coloring is creamy white, while the interior is a light green to pale green. It has a really good spicy flavor, and is quite thick, and very sweet. Average size is 20 cm by 18 cm. Average weight of the melon is 2.7 kg. This variety has a very vigorous vine. It is also an excellent shipper, and suitable for fresh markets.


86-110 days, large vigorous productive vines, oblong fruits, 2.5 kg average, green rind matures yellow orange blushed with salmon green, no ribs or sutures, slight net, flesh is creamy yellow with a hint of salmon at full maturity, soft juicy sweet and very aromatic, PM resistant, CB tolerant.

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MELONS (Cucumis melo)