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Triple Curled

68-75 days, closely curled dark green leaves, nutritious, actually a biennial but grown as an annual for the foliage, slow to germinate, fast growing, uniform strain.

Plain Leaf Common

60-85 days, vigorous 30 cm erect plants, large plain flat glossy dark green leaves, long stems, more flavor than curled types.

Moss Curled

70 days, leaves are finely cut and deeply curled. Coloration of the leaves is dark green. Plant reaches 10-15 cm in height. Moss curled is mainly used as a garnish. It is the most widely used variety in the US. It is suitable for fresh market, home gardens and dehydration. It is sometimes used in seasoning and culinary decorations.

Italian Giant

85 days, biennial. The plant produces massive thick stalks and rich flavor dark green leaves. It is a tall variety with large open green plain leaves. Aromatic and vigorous, it has richer flavor than curled parsley. Excellent in soups, fish dishes and especially sauces. Can be dried or used fresh, freezes well.

Forest Green

70-78 days, finely but deeply curled leaves, dark green all summer, does not yellow or fade in adverse weather, long stemmed, early vigorous erect plants, 25-30 cm plants, best curled variety for flavoring and garnishing. 

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PARSLEY (Petroselinum crispum)