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69 days, full season maturity, light skin, canner type pea, 60-70 cm height, 1-3 pods per node (primarily 2-3), 7-9 seeds per pod. The high percentage of double and triple pods and capacity of 9 berries per pod provide high yields. Scepter is very tolerant to Powdery Mildew.

Oregon Sugar Pod II

60-68 days, adds mildew resistance to permit fall harvest, 70-75 cm vines, smooth light green pods still stringless at 10 cm, heavy yields, good freezer. PM, FW, PEMV resistant.

Early Perfection 326

60-90 days, the pods are 5-10 cm long and usually have 4-10 seeds, very good size and shape, performance, fruit firmness, excellent uniformity, and a vigorous plant.

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PEAS (Pisum sativum)