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Jack'o Lantern

75-115 days, smooth medium-orange skin, shallow ribs, 23-25 x 18-25 cm diameter, 4.5-8 kg, medium-thick sweet fine-grained pale-orange flesh, good cooking quality, stores well, selection from cross of Connecticut Field x Golden Oblong to be the size of a human head. 

Jack Be Little

85-110 days. Only 8 cm across when fully grown. Delightful miniature pumpkin, small vigorous vines produce 8-20 flattened deeply ribbed fruits,5 cm tall x 7.5-15 cm diameter, 85-225 gr, deep orange rind and flesh, edible but most appealing as a fall decoration, shelf life up to 12 months if cured fully on the vine.

Howden's Field

115 days, uniform fruits for carving or pies. Howden's Field pumpkins are great for market growers. Produces plenty of full-sized pumpkins of uniform shape and color. Meaty, 11 to 14 kg fruits have sturdy handles and tasty, dark orange flesh.

Big Max

110-120 days, largest pumpkin for faces or novelty, nearly round, 43-45 cm in diameter, fruits average 45 kg, slightly rough red-orange skin, bright yellowish-orange 7-10 cm thick flesh, large exhibition type, good for pies or canning.

Atlantic Giant

130 days, the largest of the giant pumpkins. With proper care they can grow to over ½ a ton in weight, but more commonly they weigh several hundred pounds. Coloration is usually cream to light orange, while some growers have achieved a solid orange. The amount of sunlight is essential.

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PUMPKIN (Cucurbita pepo)