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White Icicle

27-32 days, white uniform slim 10-15 by 1.5-2.5 cm roots, tapers to a point, very slender taproot, crisp mild white flesh, 12-15 cm tops good to eat, easy to force, fine for outdoors, holds its quality well.

Sparkler White Tip

25 days. A medium-topped, very attractive variety for home garden and market. Flattened globe root is deep scarlet with white lower tip. Flesh is white and mild. 1/2 oz. Its top reaches 3-4 inches in height. The radish averages 1.3 inches long by 1.3 inches wide. It is suitable for fresh markets, and home gardens, and is very uniform.


18-25 days, deep-red globes with very small tops, pure white flesh, clean crisp flavor with remarkable uniformity, plant spring or fall, ideal for forcing or garden, holds well in good condition, fully developed in 3 weeks.

French Breakfast

20-30 days, oblong and blunt, 4-5 cm by 2 cm diameter, rose scarlet with white tip, 12-15 cm top, crisp white flesh, small slender taproot, distinct mildly pungent flavor, top quality.

Early Scarlet Globe

20-28 days, deep globe, bright red skin, white flesh, bright green 6-7.5 cm tops, for frame or greenhouse, forcing or for peat or muck soils during summer, adapted to mechanical harvest, good on upland or sandy soils, excellent buncher.

Crimson Giant

25-30 days, largest early turnip shaped type, deep crimson skin, mild white flesh, 10-12 cm top, heat resistant, grows apple size if given room but stays tender and sweet, always solid, never gets pithy, vigorous.

Cherry Belle

20-30 days, round, bright cherry red 2-3.5 cm diameter 6-7.5 cm tops, crisp firm white flesh, good keeper, can plant all summer long, pithiness resistant, earlier than comet, not recommended for sowing after May.


20-30 days, for upland soils and home garden, bright red 2.5-4 cm globes, 9-12 cm tops, firm mild flesh, grows large but not pithy, hold well, can stand cold, large Cherry Belle type, sow either spring or fall.

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RADISH (Raphanus sativus)