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Waltham Butternut

83-115 days, most popular butternut, more uniform shape and size, fewer crooknecks, better interior texture and color, 20-30 by 8-13 cm, 1.5-3 kg, smooth light tan skin, thicker cylindrical necks, small seed cavity, rich dry yellowish orange flesh, nutty flavor, vigorous vines, higher yields, stores better.

Summer Crookneck

55-60 days. Semi-open bush plants produce extended heavy crops of smooth light yellow fruits with curved necks, bumped developed after edible stage. Best eaten when 12-15 cm long. Creamy-white sweet mild flesh has excellent flavor. Keep picked clean to enjoy all season.


70-115 days, Vigorous spreading vines, rounded cylindrical buff-tan fruits, 20-30 cm long x 12-15 cm, dia., 5-7 per plant, ready to harvest when skin color changes from cream to buff, keeps harvest when skin color changes from cream to buff, keeps up to six months, boil whole or bake, flesh peels out in strands of low calorie spaghetti.

Gray Zucchini

42-65 days, medium-green skin mottled and flecked with grey, almost cylindrical, tapers slightly to stem end, pick at 15-20 cm, small seeds, open semi-spiny bush plant, heavy early yields, non conc. fruit set so better home garden variety than the hybrids.


50-57 days, early bush cocozelle, spiny half open cut leaf plants can set 30 cylindrical slightly tapered fruits, thin light green skin with dark green stripes, firm creamy white flesh, pick when 10-15 by 5-9 cm.

Black Beauty Zucchini

60-63 days, half upright open plants, blocky glossy black green fruits, 15-20 cm long by 5 cm diameter, very tender firm creamy white flesh, fine flavor, very early and productive, dark green at usable stage, almost black at maturity, excellent freezer.

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