"Feeding the World starts with Griffin Seed"  


85-99 days, medium thick tough rind, medium green with dark green stripes, cylindrical and blunt ended, 70 by 30 cm, 13-23 kg, firm medium red high quality flesh, tests show 9.4% sugar, AN1, AN2, AN3 resistant, long bearing.

WATERMELON (Citrullus lanatus)

Sugar Baby

68-86 days, superior ice box type, very early, thin hard tough rind, distinct stripes when immature, becoming almost black when ripe, round 18-22 cm diameter, 3-5.5 kg, firm sweet red orange flesh, small dark brown apple like seeds, drought resistance.

Charleston Gray

85-100 days, tough medium thick hard rind, gray green with fine darker green veins, 13-18 kg, 50-60 cm by 25 cm diameter, red fibreless flesh, FW, AN1, HH, WH, GN, sunburn, and heat resistant.

Crimson Sweet

80-97 days, tough medium thick hard rind, light green with small dark green stripes, blocky, 30 by 25 cm, 11 kg, bright deep red flesh, high sugar content, few small seeds, white to cream on bottom when ripe, FW1, FW2, AN1 and AN3 resistant. 

AU Producer

85-90 days, vigorous vines, size and appearance of Crimson Sweet, better flesh color, 6.5-11 kg, sweeter, very high yields, FW DM and AN1 tolerant, some tolerance to GSB and AN2, small-dark brown seeds.

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